Want an integrated BIM design?

REACT is the first Italian company fully oriented to offer BIM design solution.

Our work method is based on the integration between traditional integrated design processes and the new IT tools introduced by Building Information Modeling. As a result we are able to increase the quality of our projects and significally reduce the resources needed to execute and finalize the works.

The outcome is a perfectly coherent and interference-free project that is ready for the next step in its implementation.


The BIM workflow adopted by REACT consists of the following iterative process:

  • Import into existing BIM Authoring software for existing land survey
  • Development of the design idea
  • Development and analysis of architectural schemes and maximum volumes
  • Creating project disciplinary models with Bim Authoring programs
  • Generating mathematical models for calculations and verifications with “BIM tools”
  • Implementation of disciplinary models based on the analyzes carried out
  • Verify interference and inconsistencies
  • Resolution of identified issues
  • Production of technical and economic-administrative elaborations.


Through our projects we will turn your ideas into adequate and sustainable reality.

Senior BIM design
Over 30 years of engineering and architecture experience
High-tech BIM design
High-tech design
Experience in engineering design
Experience in engineering design
BIM design support
Team expert in information management BIM
Doha Underground

An example of Design REACT

Doha North Line Underground

CATEGORY – Infrastructure

MAIN CONTRACT – Qatar Railways Company

ACTIVITIES – BIM Management, Design

LOCATION – Doha, Qatar

AMOUNT WORK - 1.830.000,00