How can you manage your project with BIM?

The React’s BIM management service envisages the management of the building process by using the BIM methodology that is based on customer requirements.

This management involves the development of collaborative work processes that are the essence of innovation introduced by the BIM approach to the construction sector.

In fact, BIM is not only a three-dimensional modeling of a building organization, but it is the digital management of an information process in the construction industry where models, objects and elaborate information are preserved and shared in an organized, unified and controlled way.

The greatest possibility of data control and project design is one of the main strengths of the BIM. In a traditional design process, any control can only be performed as a sample; with the Bim methodology, the ability to make automatic or semi-automated verifications on the virtual model of construction offers opportunities for greater efficiency and quality, showing a new way of constructing the construction sector.

To best apply the BIM methodology and optimize the React workflow:

  • Defines Bim standards and processes for the integrated management of the job
  • Manages BIM models for all disciplines
  • Program the coordination of the project by establishing the roles and phases planned
  • Identify the interference / inconsistencies by re-assigning them to the project team within their correction
  • Ensures that the project complies with current regulations and Italian and European BIM standards
BIM Management of an hospital complex
Hospital complex in the Middle East
BIM Management and MEP coordination for an hospital project
MEP coordination for an hospital project
Structural analysis of a viaduct with arches
Structural analysis of a viaduct with arches
BIM Management for a complex steel structure
Complex steel structure

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and indicates the process of digital rapresentation of the phisical and functional properties of a structure.