We organize and take part in many BIM training events

We organize and take part in many BIM training events. Being called upon to preserve know-how disclosure and training of professionals of our industry has an indispensable prerequisite: we teach what we do.


Dynamo Meetup is the first meeting dedicated to computational design in Italy and it’s signed by React. The event was held at the prestigious LUISS ENLABS in Via Marsala 29 / h in Rome. National and international guests presented their workflows based on computational design applied to design jobs and corporate quality control.


BIM OPENTOWER is the title of the second seminar dedicated to BIM training among the cycle of events linked to the BIM Vallegiulia Workshop. The aim of the event was to show how the ValleGiulia workshop is a hand on approach for students of BIM method. Starting from the Open Tower, a project made by the students’ , attention was the  focused on the opportunities offered by BIM in the field of integrated design contextualized into the development of vertical cities.


BIM Valle Giulia is an organization born from the initiative of the Students’ Representation of the Faculty of Architecture of Sapienza University in Rome to inform and train students on Building Information Modeling. It was followed by a productive collaboration between the Institutions, Professors, Student Representatives and Professionals. It was an opportunity for growth for every actor involved, proposed to the student community in a free and disinterested way.


Held the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Architecture in Rome “Vallegiulia”, the seminar “BIM in the project” is the first of a series of events and lessons scheduled for the workshop “BIM Vallegiulia“, organized by BIMon and REACT in collaboration with Sapienza. The event provided students with an overview on the opportunities offered by the BIM methodology, explaining their potential, applications and the current regulatory framework.


A great success for the BIM Conference held on January 28 2016  and organized by the Order of Architects of Rome in collaboration with Descor and One Team. 548 enrollment requests, 352 participants, 10 speakers, and more than 100 requests for further training sessions. Riccardo Pagani and Matteo Simione shared their experience with BIM and illustrated the design of Al Suwaiq Hospital in Oman.


First meeting between our team and prof. Mark Clayton of Texas A & M University. The professor and his students were guests at the Tuscan office of prof. Angelo Giuseppe Amodeo in Chiusi (SI). An exhibition at the Etruscan museum and in the historic center of the city took place during the morning. It was followed by a presentation at the office’s central hall. During the BIM training lessons we showed our young US students some our projects in Italy in which BIM is applied  with particular attention to sustainable design and we illustrated the International Transformation 2030 competition as well as the skills we’ve learned from the Autodek Building Performance Analysis Certificate (BPAC) .


The digital education magazine FORMA featured the project “Italian Nursery School – Conceptual Design Analysis” on its first in May 2014. The project is published within the  scope of “Autodesk among school desks – When Didactic becoe s Technology” and tells the genesis of the project related to the new technologies adopted for building sustainability and energy analyzes. The design process adopted for this competition has proven to be an important BIM training experience, especially for younger students experimenting out of the University grounds to improve their knowledge and collaborate with our group.


Our team participated in the conference “The BIM and the Construction System” held at the Superior Council of Public Works in Rome. The conference was of fundamental importance in demonstrating the inevitable entry of the BIM methodology into the construction system and the equally obligatory adjustment that our country has to make urgently. Italian and international companies and guests participated in the likes of Italferr, CMB, COWI, numerous Universities and political representations.


Autodesk Sustainability Workshop publishes the case study “Italian Nursery School – Conceptual Design Analysis” from the competition for the new Sluderno asylum project in Bolzano. Significant importance in the design process has been given to energy analyzes in order to meet the requirements of CasaClima (class A +) imposed by the customer.


The publication of the book “Villaggio Olimpico, Village of Arts” (Anni Azzurri Editore) was presented at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, . The project tells the story of the Roman Olympic district, from its realization to the works dedicated and its present state. The team (Riccardo Pagani and Giuseppe Semprini, with Enrico Ansaloni, Sara Petrolati, Valeria Pinzari) illustrates a “re-digging” project for the upgrading of the area including the allocation of a new local market and activities for the local community. Works of artists and architects who participated in the project were exhibited during the presentation ceremony.


Riccardo Pagani, Giuseppe Semprini and Matteo Simione are awarded the “Autodesk Building Performance Analysis Certificate (BPAC)” certification for eco-sustainable design and energy analysis. The BIM training course focused on energy analysis and simulation software in BIM.


Riccardo Pagani, Giuseppe Semprini and Matteo Simione participated in the Sustainable Architecture Workshop organized by Autodesk during WoodStEx 2012. The best students in the field of eco-sustainable design werte admitted to the BIM course and were assisted by some of the best European technicians and teachers on the matter. The workshoped lasts three days and addressed themes ranging from eco-sustainability principles, architecture and building, software for energy analysis and related certifications.


Our team participates at WoodStEx 2012 in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. 200 of the best European Architecture and Engineering students from more than 54 Universities in 22 countries participated in the lessons on the latest Autodesk software and met the best industry experts. Along with the great productivity and study required during the courses, a warm and fun atmosphere encouraged new ventures between Universities and other entities otherwise unattainable.


Our team was invited to participate in the prestigious “National Conference on the Designing Student” project launched by Penn State University, Pennsylvania. The team’s work tells the story of the study and the evolution of BIM training, handling  knowledge from “older” students to the younger ones, in a climate of continuous stimulation and interest that becomes a model to be followed by the most prestigious American Universities.


During “Expo Building 2012” at the New Trade Fair in Rome, our team in collaboration with Descor presented the free seminar “From CAD to BIM – New frontiers for computerized design with Autodesk Revit Architecture”. The conference illustrates the capabilities and benefits of BIM in building and the progressive transition from the world of CAD design to BIM’s integrated parametric design.


Our team presented “Integrated Design Processes in BIM”, a research and demonstration dedicated to illustrating the potential of BIM in building and the process required to attain the objectives set at  the SAIE of Bologna . In conjunction with Descor, demonstrations and projections of project video illustrations were performed.


In their twelfth issue in October 2011 the digital education magazine FORMA published the article “La Sapienza focuses on BIM – Integrated Design Processes in BIM” . The paper describes the course of the students of prof. Angelo Giuseppe Amodeo, from the university course to BIM application in professional careers.


The research “Parallel paths: energy saving, technology, architecture, automatic design” sees the application of BIMparametric design  in a multidisciplinary university project. The proposal has the support and participation of C.I.T.E.R.A (Centro Interdipartimentale Territorio Edilizia Restauro Ambiente), Livio De Santoli, Fabrizio Cumo, Donatella Scatena, Saverio Camaiti, Anna Maria Fogheri, Angelo Giuseppe Amodeo. Building Information Modeling is applied to the design of a library and spa, with particular attention to technological and energy aspects.


Autodesk Revit – Computer Science and Automatic Design Conference at the Lecture Hall of the Faculty of Architecture in Rome, La Sapienza, in collaboration with Autodesk, Descor and Pico. During the conference, BIM was introduced and the first year students best workr were awarded with the Autodesk Award for the Best Student 2011. Final Debate on the development of BIM training in Italy.  with Nicholas Lange (Autodesk European Manager) students and guests.


Students from our team presented their work at the Creativity Day in Rome. During the presentation, several university projects realized with BIM are presented in various disciplines such as technology, structures and energy studies. La Sapienza is the model to follow with regard to the teaching of BIM.


The Faculty of Architecture of the Studies of Rome “Sapienza”, course “Building Process Management (GPE)” chaired by Livio De Santoli, has initiated the course “Informatica e Disegno Automatico” in collaboration with Autodesk, Descor and the architect Angelo Giuseppe Amodeo, teach Building Information Modeling – Autodesk Revit to the young students . Severl tutors, fourth-year students formed in BIM at Descor, supported the first year students.

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