How can you manage your project with BIM?

The REACT’s BIM Management service allows the management of all the aspect of the construction through the development of collaborative and shared working processes.

Using BIM can often be indispensable and mandatory in particularly complex works, but the application of the method can find shortcomings or difficulties from the operational point of view. Our BIM Management activity allows overcoming the critical issues generated by an improper application of the method, allowing to manage complex works, optimize workflow and provide timely information on the most appropriate technologies.

In fact, BIM does not only concern 3D modelling, but above all the digital management of an information process, in which the models, objects and drawings are kept and shared in an organized, univocal and controlled manner.

Unlike traditional design, in which any control can be performed on a sample basis, the BIM checks are performed on the virtual model automatically or semi-automatically, allowing greater efficiency, quality and control over the project.

BIM Management of an hospital complex
Hospital complex in the Middle East
BIM Management and MEP coordination for an hospital project
MEP coordination for an hospital project
Structural analysis of a viaduct with arches
Structural analysis of a viaduct with arches
BIM Management for a complex steel structure
Complex steel structure

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and indicates the process of digital rapresentation of the phisical and functional properties of a structure.