How can you optimize your construction?

REACT offers BIM construction supervision services, applying methods and instrument with a high technological content. Through the creation of “as built” models, it is able to guarantee the customer a 360-degree control over the work, managing the best time and costs.

The site management takes place through the simulation of the individual processing steps. In this way, the Construction Manager and the Customer always updated on the progress of the work, monitoring in real time the progressive development of the work. In fact, through the digital construction site, it is possible to obtain information automatically, obtaining specific data on the assigned functions, on the personnel involved and on safety. The virtual model of the site also allows anticipating the criticality of the work, avoiding temporal clash, overlaps and interferences, in order to ensure optimal results in terms of safety at work.

The simplification of processes, the exchange of information in real time and the economic control of the order, thus allow organizing, managing and controlling works with a high degree of complexity.

Construction supervision and site inspection
Construction supervision and site inspection
Port of Civitavecchia

An example of Construction Supervision REACT

Strategic works of Port

CATEGORY – Infrastructure

MAIN CONTRACT – Port Authority of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta

ACTIVITIES – Construction supervision

LOCATION – Civitavecchia, Italy

AMOUNT WORK - 158.281.000,00