01Mar 16

BIM Contest 2016

REACT won the second prize

REACT won the second prize at the international BIM competition "Concours BIM 2016", creating an original BIM project for a business incubator. The project site is located in the Bobigny town on the eastern shore of Ourcq, in Paris. The jury evaluated the creativity and innovation of the proposal, in addition, the quality of the proposed BIM method was evaluated.

BIM Contest external render

BIM Method

We started the BIM competition by creating a structure that defined the ideal volume of the building and then analyzed it, using the BIM energy analysis to ensure the concrete sustainability of the project from the initial design stage. We cut and rotated the building to meet functional requirements and positioning on the site, while we lowered it and opened it to provide access to natural ventilation and solar radiation. We have developed several project variants (7-8 versions) and have continued to analyze them to choose the best version taking into account the energy, sustainable, and functional aspects. After selecting the best proposal, we moved from the masses to the model elements and developed the project up to the LOD 200, continuing to analyze the model so that we always monitor the surfaces and the energy performance of the building.

BIM Contest entry


We have designed a new office building concept by entering different functions within a single volume by linking them through annular connections. Regarding the theme of the technological innovation desired by the BIM competition, we have used “smart” panels that move and rotate depending on the incident solar radiation on the facade, providing the right amount of light and heat within each environment. We chose sustainable wall covering, decorative items and finishes were chosen from real products, in order to ensure the correspondence between the project and possible future realization.