14Oct 17

Digital & BIM Italy

React is the protagonist of the BIM event

React Studio is invited to participate in Digital&BIM Italia on 19 and 20 October in Bologna. On this occasion Riccardo Pagani and Matteo Simione will share their experience with the BIM illustrating the projects of Rex Liana and Ciampino Airport. We were asked to contribute to the event’s blog with two articles:

Digital & BIM Italy topics

Digital & BIM Italy has become the reference event for the Italian Construction sector in the field of digitalisation, calling on more than 3.000 professionals selected in Bologna on two days of conference exhibition. The event aims, in the two-way conference and exhibition mode, to present ways, methods and tools that are beginning to emerge in Italy both in the building and in the infrastructural field. The central elements of the event will be the issues related to building digitization: design software, 3d printers, drones, virtual and augmented reality, digital manufacturing, IoT, digitized procedures and site tools, BIM. Particular attention will be given to Building Information Modeling in real estate development processes, design and implementation processes, property management, but especially the BIM as an instrument of the procurement station.

Pavilion 33 of Bologna Fiere will be the venue for the best companies that offer BIM platforms, site digitization systems and construction process, facility management, digital city and smart environment technologies, 3D printing and increased reality , geospatial and 3D relief. In addition to the exhibition area, 4 arenas are available for companies to present best practices and case studies, as well as an international conference on BIM related issues in the construction and management process, but also as a tool of the procurement station where they can also voice the partner companies of the initiative. All information about the Digital & BIM Italia Award will be available soon.

Innovation and digitization are changing the face of the industry around the world, involving the whole chain from design to work management. Industry experts today are more than ever looking for methods and tools to make the industry more efficient, collaborative, profitable and sustainable, even in highly specialized niches such as seismic risk grading. Digital & BIM Italia 2017, is the place where professionals will find all the latest news in the industry.

Digital &BIM Italy event

You can find more information about Digital & BIM Italy 2017 here.