16Oct 18

Digital&BIM Italy 2018

Tomorrow, October 17, on the occasion of the opening of the SAIE 2018 Bologna, will take place the second edition of Digital &BIM Italy, an initiative dedicated to the transformation of the construction sector, the digitalization and the use of innovative technologies.

The event, articulated in different sections – Digital Talk Lab, BIM Laboratories, Thematic arenas, Digital Experience, BIM & Digital Award – was created with the aim of offering an overview of the state of digital in our country, analyzing the level of adoption of new digital methods and tools, proposing specific case studies and comparing themselves with international realities such as Europe and the USA.

The theme of digitization studied in relation to different realities such as the relationship with the client, the real estate development, the design and construction of the works and the cultural heritage, gives a determining role to the Building Information Modeling, as a tool and reference methodology for the management of a phenomenon as complex as that of industry 4.0.

And it will be BIM, in fact, to be the real protagonist of Digital & BIM Italy 2018. The themes of the design and management of the works, the information models for the execution, the energetic and seismic upgrading of the buildings will be just some of the topics covered during the debates. We will also talk about computational BIM, artificial intelligence, data management, IoT and site 4.0.

An important section will be dedicated to experimentation. Pavillion 31 of the SAIE will be entirely dedicated to the “Digital Experience” area, where the visitor, through simulations and practical examples, will be able to enjoy a 360 ° BIM experience, navigating the models and touching the products of the companies sponsors.

React Studio will be at Digital&BIM Italy

And of course we will also be there at React Studio! Within the 7th arena, dedicated to BIM, digitization and parametric design, the Co-founder and BIM Manager Matteo Simione, as a member of the BIM User Group Italy, will address the BIM theme for maritime works, presenting the case study of the Marina di Gaeta.
Here we will discuss the topics of information modeling, as a tool for coordination and verification between the various disciplines and support for the production of graphic drawings and drafting of estimative metric calculations.

Another contribution of React will be that of Davide Presta, BIM Specialist of the study expert in transport infrastructure, who will present a Workflow on Infrastructure Information Modeling applied to the Naples-Bari AV/AC line, investigating the BIM theme for infrastructures both in phase of the tender that in the phase following the adjudication.



We are running out! See you tomorrow and welcome to the Digital & BIM Italia 2018!