23May 18

REACT among the BIM Portale companies

From today, REACT is among the BIM Portale companies, in the category relating to professional firms that use BIM as a methodology for their work.

It’s well known that the digital revolution has brought about a radical transformation in people lifestyle, profoundly modifying their approach to culture, free time and interaction with others.

The labor market has also changed profoundly. The professionals born and raised before digitization, in fact, used very different tools from those we have today. In a hyper-connected society strongly influenced by innovative technologies such as today’s, updating professionally and being constantly in step with the times has become a substantial prerogative. Since the mechanisms and methods of work have certainly changed, many professional figures have necessarily to evolve to increase their work productivity.

This is why the construction world to adapt to all these changes must adopt new methods to better face the transition to the digital world. Building Information Modeling is born for this reason. Reducing the time and cost of building works, allowing the exchange of data through interoperable formats, managing information contents and automating processes through a simplified workflow.

Professionals and companies that decide to move to BIM, therefore, not only make an almost “obligatorychoice for their future, as the BIM will soon become mandatory by law, but they will also make their work more efficient and smarter, managing different levels of complexity, otherwise impossible to govern.

We, as a consulting and planning company, have invested in this methodology, obtaining excellent results and numerous professional recognition. We hope, thanks also to platforms like BIM Portale that this can also happen for other companies in the sector.