30Sep 17

Singapore BIM Contest 2017

React and Sapienza University to third place in the world

The BIM Singapore 2017 International Contest is organized by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (SBCA) and will be presented during Singapore’s Construction Productivity Week (SCPW) this year.

REACT supported a team of 7 young students from the Faculty of Architecture (Giordano Maurizi, Marco Micheli, Lavinia Pignotti, Giulia Santini, Alessandro Sartini, Silvano Sasso and Halle Tirabassi) who, with the help of tutors and experts in the BIM sector of Computational Design, have achieved an eco-sustainable project that is perfectly responsive to BIM Singapore’s call for applications, earning the third place in front of important universities such as MIT and Harvard.

Singapore BIM Contest model

The subject of the BIM Singapore contest is to develop a design concept for a school building to support the growing educational activities at BCA Academy. The new buildings should be able to accommodate 3.000 students with a maximum of 23.500 square feet of gross surface area. All the project should be developed exclusively in BIM with the use of Computational Design.

Singapore BIM Contest softwares

The project of the student team was judged among the best in the BIM Singapore competition. The building is completely sustainable and based on renewable energies, shapes, spaces and paths are the result of software analysis based on computational design and the principles of machine learning applied to architecture.