12Jan 18

The REACT Christmas Party

Christmas Lunch 2017 - Union between Rogedil e BIMon

With the end of the year 2017, REACT has decided to organize the Christmas party in the splendid setting of the “Tricolore” riding school in Sacrofano, to celebrate the happy union between the Rogedil and BIMon companies, which took place as early as 2016.

It is in fact from the “BIM Conference” of January 28, held at the Order of Architects of Rome and province, that Rogedil and BIMon begin to take their first steps towards what, after a few months, can be called a real “marriage” . Rogedil, an engineering company with forty years of experience behind it, specializing in maritime, port and tourism works, “falls in love” with BIMon, a young company highly specialized in Building Information Modeling.

Shortly thereafter, this meeting turns into a long-term project. After studying, comparing and evaluating each other for a few months, the two companies decide to merge their know-how into a new reality, that of React Studio.

The chosen name already contains its own poster. REACT is in fact intended as a “reaction” to the traditional approach of the construction world. No more gray areas, dilated times and continuous variation of costs, typical of conventional design, but integrated, sustainable and innovative projects.

Transparency becomes the new pivotal point from which to start and the first projects entrusted with the new company confirm this.

REACT begins to establish itself on the national and international scene, providing integrated design services and 100% BIM works management and responding competitively to current market demands in the architectural and engineering fields. The variety of professional figures involved becomes a strong point, making available to the customer a serious team, prepared and highly professional.

The consolidated experience of Rogedil, combined with BIMon’s youngest and most innovative approach, has created a new stimulating and competitive reality, where different professional figures work together to identify critical issues, solve problems and ensure optimal results, always having full control over times and costs of realization of the works.

The occasion to celebrate all these changes was that of the traditional Christmas toast, near the holidays, with an exceptional and unexpected social table.

Festa di Natale BIM

For the group, Christmas lunch turned out to be a pleasant opportunity to get together, get to know each other better and become more familiar with the normal work routine.

The party was a way to celebrate the news of the last year and take the new one with the right motivation and determination.

2018 has started, we will keep you updated!