REACT Studio

Transparency, experience and innovation are the foundation of every project

A new reality

The occasion of the meeting was the “BIM Conference” of 28 January 2016, organized by the Order of Architects of Rome and Province.

Rogedil a 40 years experience company in engineering works and related services, meets BIMon, a highly specialized young BIM consulting firm.

Together they decide to merge into a new single reality, REACT Studio, where the values linked to the solidity and reliability of a company consolidated over time, are combined with the most innovative ones of a society aimed at change and new technologies.

“Rogedil has been operating since 1982 in the field of civil, infrastructural (road and railway) and hydraulic works (aqueducts, sewers and purifiers). Since 2000, we are also specialized in maritime, commercial and tourist contracts.”
Alessio Azzopardi – Partner at Rogedil

“Over the years Rogedil has developed the ability to adapt to new socio-economic contexts, without ever getting hang up on one business. We believe that change is not a necessarily an upheaval, rather a chance for growth and updating.”
Francesco M. Azzopardi – Partner at Rogedil

“In just two years of business, BIMon was given the opportunity to participate in the most important BIM projects in Italy and specialized in the hospital and infrastructure sectors abroad. Today it is a well-established consultancy company focused on international markets”.
Matteo Simione – Partner & CEO at BIMon

“BIMon gives space to young people who wishes to specialize in the BIM methodology. Each year professionals from all over Italy and abroad join our team and become part of this innovative and growing path.”
Riccardo Pagani – Partner & CEO at BIMon


We work for a better social environment

REACT was born as the reaction to the current professional approach in the construction world.

We share our passion and our values with our customers. This is why REACT is synonymous with excellence and quality.

We work to identify sustainable solutions, solving upstream the problems typical of planning, design and construction phases.

We believe in a company that is more than an engineering firm, where every resource, through its expertise is free to express itself at its best, achieving the best results.

Above all: we love what we do. This is why we are the best in doing it.