Aviation Refuel System Decimomannu

Category – Infrastructure - Airports
Main Contract – Aeronautica Militare - Infrastructure Logistics Service
Activities – BIM Management, Design
Location – Decimomannu, Italy
Year – 2017
Status – In progress
Amount work – € 6.630.000,00

Integrated BIM design for the redevelopment and rehabilitation of the Fuel Farm of one of the most active military airports in Europe, the “G. Farina” of Decimomannu.

The military airport “G. Farina” of Decimomannu located 25 km from Cagliari in a north-west direction. It occupies an area of ​​about 6 square kilometers of state property, in addition to the 12 square kilometers of servitude, engaging a territory that includes the municipalities of Decimomannu, Decimoputzu, San Sperate and Villasor. With a huge number of annual movements, about 60.000, the military base has become an important reference for the skies of all Europe, becoming an airport with the largest number of take-offs and landings at national and European level. Equipped with two radars, it performs two fundamental functions: strategic structure for the national air defense and support for the coordination of the air traffic of the nearby Cagliari – Elmas Airport. Its activities are connected to the shooting range of Capo Frasca, specifically intended for aerial bombardment.

The REACT activity was to support the engineering company AICOM, for the redevelopment and rehabilitation of the current Fuel Farm of the military airport.

The first step involved the 3D laser scan of the actual state and of the existing systems, thanks to the collaboration with the GRS company. Here, based on the point cloud generated by the scanner, we created the BIM model of the entire military complex, automatically associating the model objects with the information coming from the survey. The BIM model to supported the design of MEP systems and structures, with particular attention to construction details and the construction phases. We then went into detail, supporting designers in the expansion of the pumping station, in the design of refueling tanks and in the replacement of fire-fighting tanks. Finally, the BIM model was useful for the extrapolation of the quantities necessary for the drafting of the estimated metric calculus necessary for the work.

Nuvola di punti del rack di manovra
Cloud points of the control rack
Fotorestituzione da laser scan della stazione di pompaggio
Pump station laser scanning
Stazione di pompaggio
BIM model of the pump station
Rack di manovra
BIM model of the control rack
Demolizioni e ricostruzioni
Representation of demolitions and reconstructions
Serbatoio di rifornimento
BIM model of the refueling tank
Dettaglio del serbatoio
Tank detail
Spaccato assonometrico
Axonometric tank
Fasi di realizzazione
Representation of the phases of tank construction
Copertura in cemento armato
Reinforced concrete cover
Vista del serbatoio esistente
View of the existing tank
Vista dello stato di fatto
View of existing