Cityringen Subway Station

Category – Infrastructure
Main Contract – Metroselskabet I/S
Activities – Design
Location – Copenhagen, Denmark
Year – 2012
Status – In progress
Amount work – € 1.500.000.000,00

Copenhagen will inaugurate the new “Cityringen” metro line by 2019, a new ring around the city which, by joining the existing underground network, will serve 85% of the population with a station every 600 m.

The project want drastically reducing the use of cars by citizens, ensuring mobility to 130 million passengers a year. The intervention, undertaken in 2011 by a joint venture consisting of the three Italian companies, Tecnimont Civil Construction, Salini S.p.A. and Seli, from the technical point of view is extremely complex: two new 17 km long tunnels will connect to the existing underground network and 17 new service stations will be built at 30 m below ground level. The fully automated metropolitan system will be equipped with driverless trains and will operate 24 hours a day. This will allow the city to respect the program of the “CPH Climate Plan 2025“, thanks to which Copenhagen will propose to become the first city in the world “carbon neutral”.




BIMon, the REACT partner company, implemented through BIM one of the projects for the stations serving the new subway, supporting the designers in the executive and structural design.

BIMon created a BIM model of the Aksel Møllers Have Station. From a structural point of view, in particular, a LOD 350 model was created for reinforced concrete structures. This allowed to optimize the management of the various structural components, focusing in particular on the calculation of the reinforcements. The model has also allowed to extract technical drawings and quantities necessary for the preparation of the metric calculation and to identify the interferences, through continuous cycles of “clash detection“. BIM has also proved to be very useful in verifying the actual technical feasibility of the proposed solutions: by verifying the critical aspects of the structural project through the models, it was possible to make the best due even before the construction phase.

Modello BIM stazione Aksel Møllers
BIM Model of Aksel Møllers station
Structural BIM model
Spaccato del modello BIM strutturale e impiantistico
Structural and MEP BIM models
Pianta delle carpenterie
Framing plans
Dettaglio delle forometrie
Detail of holes
Dettaglio trave principale
Main beam detail
Dettaglio e 3D della trave
Detail and 3D view of the beam
Sezioni della trave principale
Sections of the main beam
Armatura del cordolo perimetrale
Perimeter curb armor