Civitavecchia port’s strategic works

Category – Infrastructure
Main Contract – Port Authority of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta
Activities – Construction supervision
Location – Civitavecchia, Italy
Year – 2014
Status – Realized
Amount work – € 158.281.000,00

The Civitavecchia port started a redevelopment project of the port layout through the arrangement of the Darsena Traghetti, the Darsena Servizi and the extension of the mural Cristoforo Colombo.

The port, known since ancient times as a “gateway” to the city of Rome, has represented and still represents a fulcrum for trade and contacts in port and maritime national and European. Configuring itself as a multifunctional infrastructure, it is divided into two main macro areas: one, including the historic port, dedicated to tourism; the other further north, dedicated to commercial traffic, fishing and cabotage. Currently the Commercial Port of Civitavecchia can count on a Container Terminal, several General Cargo docks for bulk cargo, a Large Masse Energy Dock, a Ro-Ro Docks and a Darsena Servizi. With a total of 1,900,000 square meters of docks, moreover, it has 25 operational attacks for about 13 km of berths.

Rogedil, the REACT partner company, participated in the redevelopment of the port, rethinking the configuration of the docks for ferries and services.

For the Darsena Traghetti the perimeter reconfiguration of the reclaimed basin has been planned, and in particular the part constituted by the overflow basin of the former Darsena Mattonara. This area, which foresees a linear development of about 600 m, will be backward and linearized, in order to allow the construction of the sidewalk and the subsequent laying of the containers for the embankment of the bank of the basin. The goal is to create a new embankment: for this reason, the retreat of the existing embankment, the subsequent displacement and of the cliff itself will be necessary actions to pursue this aim.

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