Napoli Afragola Station

Category – Infrastructure
Main Contract – Astaldi S.p.A.
Activities – BIM Management
Location – Afragola, Italy
Year – 2015
Status – Realized
Amount work – € 60.000.000,00

The new Naples-Afragola station is an important opportunity to redevelop the Neapolitan hinterland and to reconnect the entire area to the national transport system.

The project, signed by architect Zaha Hadid, provides for the creation of a strategic hub for the regional and national transport system, in order to connect the areas of the Neapolitan area with the Turin-Salerno ridge, as well as with Venice and Reggio Calabria. The complex, developing over an area of over 30.000 square meters, provides a 400 m long central body that, being a bridge above the railway line, redesigns a new urban landmark for the suburbs of Naples. Designed no longer as a simple area of passage, but as a real civic space at the service of travelers, the new station will have a dual function: footbridge to connect the various docks and element of continuity between the railway and the surrounding area.

BIMon, the REACT partner company, created a BIM model to support the activities related to MEP system project and to the construction supervision.

The BIM model, based on the executive project, allowed to identify the interferences and verify the metric calculations in order to define the actual quantities to be used for the individual disciplines. With this methodology we were able to coordinate, with about two weeks in advance, the physical overlaps between structures and MEP systems. Then solving the problems even before the construction phase, we simulated the whole work through a BIM model: in this way we managed to avoid possible interruptions of the construction site and unforeseen events during construction. This approach produced a significant optimization of the project and a better planning of site activities, allowing better control of time and costs.

Stazione Napoli Afragola - render copertura
Internal render - Central cover
Stazione Napoli Afragola - render interno
Internal render - Central hall
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Modello BIM impiantistico
MEP BIM model
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Coordinamento impianti e strutture
MEP and Structure coordination
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Impianti zona ovest
View of west side systems
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Impianti zona est
View of east side systems
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Computational design
Use of computational design for panel study
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Modello pannelli copertura
BIM model of adaptive cover panels
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Pilastri della banchina
Quay structural column detail
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Banchina
View of the walkway on the quay
Stazione Napoli Afragola - Tunnel sotterraneo
View of the underground engineering tunnel
Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane - "Napoli Afragola - La porta del Sud"