Rome Marina Yachting

Category – Infrastructure
Main Contract – Roma Marina Yachting S.r.l.
Activities – Design
Location – Civitavecchia, Italy
Year – 2016
Status – Design

In Civitavecchia, the process of redevelopment of the historic port will lead to the construction of a new Marina dedicated to recreational activities.

The project, started by the Port Authority of Civitavecchia, involves the construction of a new commercial port, mainly for large boats. Separated from the current historical port, the new port will consist of a total of 189 berths (with dimensions from 15 to 100 m), areas for services and ground-based facilities of absolute excellence. The first phase will concern the project for the “Darsena Traianea Sud”, with 14 seats for yachts from 40 to 100 m and beyond. Then there will be the opening of the “Darsena Traianea Nord”, which will allow the mooring of about 100 boats from 10 to 50 meters in length. Finally, the Roma Marina Yachting will be completed by the “Darsena Romana”, for the mooring of 70 boats from 15 to 25 m.

Rogedil, partner company of REACT, has developed in BIM a project for a tourist landing located inside the Historic Dockyard.

Destined for 198 pleasure craft from 10 to 60 meters in length, the total area of the intervention will be about 120.000 square meters, the water surface of 100.000 square meters and the ground areas of 20.000 square meters. The context, characterized by historical-artistic pre-existences, such as Michelangelo’s Fort, will play a fundamental role, as it will be the starting point for organizing the interventions and for revaluing the whole area. In this perspective a partially hypogeal building will be envisaged, which will play the role of a multi-functional directional structure serving the entire Marina. The roof-garden, intended as a real walk along the harbor, will allow to create new scenarios and spaces available to visitors, harmonizing with the context and the surrounding landscape.