Science Center City of Science of Naples

Category – Competitions
Main Contract – Fondazione IDIS
Activities – Design
Location – Naples, Italy
Year – 2014
Status – Design
Amount work – € 8.000.000,00

The city of Naples promoted an initiative for the promotion and dissemination of science through a multi-functional structure called the “City of Science”.

The complex, located in the Bagnoli area, can be considered the first Italian interactive scientific museum. Conceived as a place for interactivity and direct experimentation of natural phenomena and technologies, the City of Science consists of an incubator of companies, a center dedicated to training and a Science Center. The latter, following a fire in 2013, will be rebuilt by 2020, through a futuristic project that involves the construction of 10,000 square meters between interactive exhibits, exhibitions and scientific laboratories.

Rogedil, partner company of REACT, proposed a structural project for the new Science Center through the use of BIM.

Focusing in particular on the relationship between architectural design and structural elements, the modeling of structures, made entirely in BIM, took into account both the static and the formal function. The structure has been set up in such a way as to identify two different orders of elements: a giant order, composed of 10 large reticular pylons placed 50 m from each other, to support the lattice plate steel cover, and an order secondary that, linking up to the steps of the pillars of the structure demolished after the fire, marks the internal space both horizontally and vertically, delimiting the different internal environments and the various levels. Among the pylons, a pedestrian walkway made of reticular structures was also provided, which guarantees a stiffening and a decrease in movements.