University Residence Fontana Nuova

Category – Civil buildings - residential
Main Contract – Associazione Culturale Fontana Nuova
Activities – BIM Management, Design
Location – Rome, Italy
Year – 2012
Status – Realized

The Fontana Nuova Cultural Association financed a project for the restoration and static consolidation of a real estate complex in the Parioli district of Rome.

The project for the building located in Viale Romania provides for the redevelopment and transformation of the entire building, now in mixed use, into a new university residence serving the entire neighborhood. The complexity of the intervention requires, in addition to the redistribution of the internal spaces, the structural consolidation of the building, the seismic adaptation of the structures and the redevelopment of the existing systems. For this purpose the Fontana Nuova Cultural Association requested a BIM model to control and manage all the information of the project, with the aim of obtaining significant savings in terms of time and costs.

BIMon, REACT partner company, supported the company Descor for the realization of the BIM model for the executive planning and the realization of the whole complex.

Firstly, the use of the BIM methodology was fundamental for the verification and optimization of the design choices undertaken. The accuracy of the model, in particular of the masonry stratigraphy, has allowed in fact to control and better manage the cost of the interventions, monitoring the purchase orders for all the materials. As regards the temporal management of the project, instead, each element of the model has been assigned information relating to the demolition, reconstruction or new construction phases. In this way, the customer was able to effectively visualize and distinguish the new interventions from the pre-existing ones and to draw up detailed timelines for the future construction site.

Render ingresso laterale
Render Side Entry
Render edificio minore
Render of minor building
Render of the inner courtyard
Rester esterno sud-est
Render outside southeast
Render esterno nord-est
Render outside southeast
Render esterno nord
Render esterno northeast
Render esterno nord-ovest
Render outside northwest
Render esterno ovest
Render outside west