Project management

Through Project Management, REACT is able to manage projects from the preliminary stages, allowing, through the BIM methodology, to plan, execute and check the status of the project during its entire course.

This activity allows improving the collaboration on the projects, favouring the communication between different professional skills and allowing the data interoperability at each step of the state of the work.
Our Project Managers apply rigorous methodologies to guarantee quality in the individual processes, to limit risks and to optimize resources, human, means and materials used.

Through the objectives identification and the explanation of how to achieve them, our Project Management activity plans the timing by evaluating the detailed aspects, monitors the progress of the project with respect to the defined work plan and verifies the delivery processes and the documentation produced.

In this way, we have the opportunity to plan the interventions in the design, construction and management phases, offering a punctual, complete and quality service.


An example of Project Management

Luxury residential complex RexLiana

CATEGORY – Civil buildings - Residential

MAIN CONTRACT – Liana S.r.l.

ACTIVITIES – Project Management

LOCATION – Pesaro, Italy

AMOUNT WORK - 12.000.000,00